356 million Indians are under the age of 25. That’s 30% of the country’s population, many of whom live at or below the poverty line. India’s youth faces serious problems of unemployment and underemployment. The causes are legion and include dropping out of high school because of poor education, needing to support one’s family at an early age, a lack of information on the job market, and, most importantly, not possessing the basic skills required by employers today. Many youth engage in daily wage work unaware of the opportunities available to them.

Shell Foundation provides vocational training to low-literate youth in computers, tailoring, driving, auto mechanic, domestic wiring and motor rewinding. So they can earn a dependable livelihood and finally break the cycle of poverty. The important thing is that these courses equip boys and girls to earn twice as much as what their family would earn combined. As the course progressed, they not only learned subject skills but also learned to communicate, work in teams and accomplish projects. Healthy peer interaction and a positive environment of learning infused such confidence in them for winning over the challenges in life that they found jobs in their very first placement sessions organized by Shell Foundation.Their success not only helps them and their families but serves as an inspiration to others and helps us realize our dream of helping needy members of society who only need a little support and a platform to show their calibre.

Vocational Training is thus a powerful tool. By making the destitute financially independent, it breaks the cycle of poverty, breeds confidence, self-respect and turns marginalized youth into responsible citizens of society. Moreover, it is possibly the single most effective program for the upliftment of women, according them the ability to chart their own destinies.