The world has been growing and advancing each single day. It’s gradually becoming a community inflicted with technology and modernization. Each corner of the world is developing and is being preserved to make it Tourism friendly. But the resources we promote today through tourism are degrading and losing its natural splendor.

The Tourism Trade & Industry is essential in today’s multicultural society. Going trekking to a remote village near the Mount Everest or exploring the wildlife in Africa, or embracing the splendor of the Sea on the beaches of Miami – they are all incredible and bring us in awe of the environment. But the promotion of these natural enigmas shouldn’t work towards their depletion. We have seen the Great Barrier Reef dying. Who today takes the responsibility of that happening? Many such world sites are getting affected even before they are being explored.

When you see a lagoon floating with garbage or a once beautiful landscape paved with concrete you also realize that if principles of sustainable tourism are not put into action, then each one of these stops will lose their charm, environmental worth & eventually, their profitability. It’s time we realize that the beauty of this earth is not only for our generation but is also to be savored for the coming generations highlighting the need for sustainable tourism.

Tourism not only adds to the growth of the country but also highlights the country comprising of it on the world map enhancing its global image. There are a number of unexplored tourist destinations all over the world which have gone unnoticed and should be given due attention. These places are beautiful but do not have a well-formulated infrastructure to cater the tourists and become a part of the industry.

Additionally, there are a number of students and adults who want to travel across the world for the purpose of vocational training and education but do not have the financial means for the same. Their talent and merit are left untouched and unexplored due to the lack of exposure that they could have received had they been financially sound. There are also much disabled and handicapped who are unable to travel and experience the natural magnificence that many destinations offer. They are left to the mercy of their surroundings or to the homes that become their whole world.

Our organization has the vision to cater to the aforesaid issues. We have the skill, the manpower, and understanding of these concerns. We have experience in both practical and theoretical implications of sustainable tourism and all spheres of tourism developmentand management. We empathize with the needs of the world and its people, which is what stands unique to our organization making us special. We invite volunteers towards the novel work we are aiming to achieve. What we are trying to do here is not what many do or even think of as important. But it does form a very imperative part of the world community and its growth and should not be considered immaterial. Please call for assistance and further elaboration on our policies, ideas, projects and vision for a HEALTHY TOURISM GLOBALLY.

Together we can make it happen………………