Parts of Tamil nadu state in South India are dry and arid, and there was extreme lack potable water in some districts there. To allay this situation, The Founder, Shell foundation trust, undertook to construct major infrastructure projects to provide potable water to the affected populations. The projects were started by the Shell foundation trust,. This project serves a total population of 3.19 million people. This project goes towards the integration of environmental and social benefits under the SF’s. They link directly with many of the other Sf ‘s in their benefits.

The Shell foundation trust (SFT) will involve community development and rural water and sanitation supply (RWSS) infrastructure building, institution building, and future sector planning. Environmental issues and their mitigations include: increased ground/surface water abstraction to be mitigated by the ground water recharge component and the Tamil Nadu Ground Water Act; lowering of the ground water level to be mitigated by ensuring proper siting of the new source(s), implementing concurrently compensatory ground water recharge measures, and regulating the ground water abstraction for other than public water supply; risk of hydraulic interference between existing and new bore well sources to be mitigated by observing the criteria of minimum distance for locating a new source from an existing one and by regulating ground water abstraction; and risk of ground water contamination to be mitigated by proper siting of new sources and sanitary protection of all water supply and continuous effective chlorination .