The Shell foundation trust (SFT) is a non-governmental organization that promotes the progressive realization of three constitutionally enshrined rights: the right to disaster protection, the right to a clean, safe, and healthy environment, and the right to quality healthcare. Our mission is to expand opportunities for citizens to work collaboratively with government on improving disaster management, environmental protection, and healthcare systems. Shell foundation trust was founded on the belief that “if citizens are empowered to demand better service delivery from state institutions mandated to manage disasters, protect the environment, and provide healthcare, and the state responds positively, then service delivery will improve, facilitating the realization of citizens’ rights and capabilities in all these three sectors”. Our work complements government efforts towards realizing the three constitutionally entrenched rights outlined above, and we achieve our mission through four approaches namely: research, public education, social mobilization, and sustainable livelihood projects. We primarily target youth, women, and the poor and vulnerable who have limited access to opportunities that allow them to exert their constitutionally guaranteed rights.