A vast  majority of the  rural poor  continue to be dependent on land and water  resources for their meager livelihoods. Sadly however, various phenomena including deforestation,drought and  soil erosion  have  resulted  in   decreased  incomes for  these   families.  Chronic  poverty persists   thus  Shell foundation  devotes a.   significant   part  of its     intervention   efforts  on developing   land  and   water resources.   The  aim is to   enhance  productivity, incomes  and   sustainable livelihoods.

Towards   this   objective,   Shell foundation   promotes the.  Integrated   Natural    Resources Management  (INRM) of land, water, forest and    biological resources to achieve and sustain potential   agricultural  productivity.   INRM combines managing the use of natural resources along.  With their.  Conservation.   And   sustenance.   Programmes   comprise.  Of  enhancing productivity in agriculture  ; diversifying  into   new crops; setting up   irrigation systems; and instituting entirely new ways of managing the natural resource base.